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Nairobi, Kenya - Solo Exhibition - 

In January of 1998, I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya.  I  gave six lectures while in Kenya to various University staff and students.  Two of these were at the United States International University, located in Nairobi.  Both lectures were to students studying psychology.  I also met with government officials including Mr. Thuku,  the Assistant Minister of Culture in Nairobi to discuss with him  some of the issues facing homeless children in Nairobi.  

        I  made it a point to visit the Kenafric School and orphanage just outside of Nairobi.  The children waited about two hours for me to come and see them after school.  They were all barefoot, hungry, and anxious to hear why I had come to visit them.  I brought 170 articles of clothing and 60 packets of medical supplies with me on this visit, as well as a small amount of food.  I explained to them that my intention with my exhibition at the French Cultural Center in downtown Nairobi, was to emphasize to the people of  Nairobi, that they and others like them are important to the future of Kenya. 



Moscow, Russia --Solo Exhibition 

        My international travels began during graduate school in 1996.  I had been invited to show my work in Moscow by a professor from the Moscow Youth Institute, Dr. Arsen Melitonyan.  My show was in the Phoenix Gallery across from the Moscow White House.   While there I gave a series of lectures concerning children's issues in the United States, which lead to several appearances on Russian television, as well as two radio interviews on international networks.          

        I was also fortunate enough to meet with representatives of the Moscow City Government, UN representatives of a number of countries, as well as many other Diplomats from various nations. I found it encouraging that government officials from so many different countries expressed sincere interest in these issues and in my approach to them.   


Medillin, Colombia -- Solo Exhibition      

        In February 1999 I was invited to exhibit my work and lecture in Medillin, Colombia at the Centro Colombo, a University in downtown Medillin.  While I was there I gave three television interviews, two radio and three newspaper interviews and worked with advanced collage students regarding the power of art.  Part of the exhibition included fourteen life sized drawings that I did on the walls in charcoal.  

        I was asked by many WHY? Why do something you cannot sell.  I simply answered that  I was not there to sell my work, that I had come to make an impression upon the people of Medillin regarding the fragility of their children.  Like so many children of Medillin, my drawings would disappear.


















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